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Short-term Rentals in East Ocean View

There have been many changes to the short-term rental (STR) process over the last year leaving many people–including the board–confused about the process. The board, like membership in general, holds varying opinions about STR’s in our community and is committed to being open, democratic, and inclusive about our processes as they relate to short-term rentals.

Beach House

Many STRs are allowable by right and never contact the Civic League for a meeting. We are notified only for properties that require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

CUP requirements:

  • Single-family home containing 4 or more bedrooms

  • Multi-Family building with 4 or more units

  • The property lacks required number of parking spaces

The Role of the Civic League:

When we are contacted by an STR applicant, the EOVCL Board will refer the applicant to language set forth in the STR Regulations from the City that guides them through the process for holding their own public meeting or requesting a letter of support from the civic league. 

We will also:

  • Refer all applicants that contact us to the guidelines set forth in our Position Statement. 

  • Offer applicants the opportunity to deliver a brief presentation at a monthly civic league meeting and request a vote to obtain a letter of support from the civic league 

  • Assure that applicants understand any NRHA Deed Restrictions and/or HOA Restrictions on the operation of STR's. 

  • Assure that applicants have addressed any issues with having operated an “unregistered STR” in the past with the City Planning Department, and remedied any issues with the City Attorney’s Office.

  • We will place an announcement of the time, place, and location of any Public STR Meeting on the EOVCL website.

Community members who wish to express further opposition or support for a particular STR should attend the Planning Commission meeting and/or City Council meeting related to that specific STR.

EOVCL CUP Presentation Requirements:

If an applicant elects to present during an EOVCL meeting, they must follow the attached document's requirements - CUP Presentation Requirements 

Additional Resources:

Additional Concerns:​

Strong support for or against STR

  • Speak at Planning Commission and/or City Council meetings.

  • Consider who you vote for in statewide and city council elections.


  • Consider who you vote for in city council elections.

  • Speak at city budget hearings.


  • Express your views to elected officials.

  • Bring a well-developed proposal to the Civic League for consideration that we may then pass to the City.

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