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Street Sweeping Update

Good afternoon Civic Leagues, We are currently experiencing delays in our sweeping schedule due to the following factors:

  • Mechanical/equipment failure

  • Long lead times on equipment repairs

  • Competition with other entities for qualified commercial driver operators

Due to these ongoing challenges, starting this month (March), we have modified our street sweeping schedule to ensure neighborhoods are completed, at a minimum, once every three (3) months. Please see the attached schedule for when the neighborhoods in your civic league will be swept. We will post reminders on Nextdoor when your sweeping day is upcoming. Please note: *Mondays will continue to be makeup days for missed areas due to inclement weather. *Areas with Parking Enforcement signs will continue to be swept monthly, per posted signs. Although we understand there is frustration with the street sweeping program, the stormwater utility fee is assessed to all Norfolk residents and businesses. The fee is used exclusively to provide all the City services which reduce flooding and prevent water pollution:

  • General maintenance, repair and cleaning of the stormwater infrastructure which includes sweeping, pipes, ditches, stormwater ponds, and 15 pump stations

  • Improvements and extensions of our current stormwater system

  • Design and construction of new infrastructure

  • Unfunded federal and state environmental mandates we must comply with

  • Capital projects

The City of Norfolk continues to pride itself on having the most robust street sweeping program in Hampton Roads, even with the current schedule challenges. Rest assured crews are working diligently to remove as much debris from the roadways as possible. We encourage residents to assist us in these efforts by always keeping the curb and gutter in front of their property free of debris, i.e., leaves, branches, litter, etc., to ensure that rainwater may run, unimpeded, to the stormwater curb inlets which will reduce localized flooding, per City code. Our combined efforts will continue to enhance our city and protect our waterways! If you would like further information pertaining to the City’s stormwater program, you can visit our website at Thank you, Michelle Williams Public Relations Specialist Division of Environmental Storm Water 2233 McKann Ave. Norfolk, VA 23509 757-823-4007 | 757-406-5296 mobile Connect with us:

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