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Responses to the EOVCL questions on East Ocean View Beach Erosion (Coastal Mgmt & Review Board)

1) Does the USACE erosion model need updating to confirm the renourishment interval should be shortened, or were there extenuating circumstances that were not predicted?

USACE Response: The Norfolk District Corps of Engineers (USACE) has not had funding to work on this project since the 2017 project funded by Hy\uricane Sandy supplemental appropriations. When USACE receives additional appropriations, the technical team will begin working on this problem and updating erosion rates, renourishment interval, etc. The next federal funding opportunity for this project could be the Energy and Water appropriations through the FY 2024 Work Plan or FY 2025 budget. A storm or disaster related supplement appropriations bill might be another opportunity.

EOV CL Comment (1): The last full beach renourishment occurred in 2017, and the next full renourishment is scheduled for 2026. The USACE stated the renourishment schedule is based on a 50 year cost / benefit (damages occurring / prevented) analysis. It was recognized the cost basis was probably understated and that an updated analysis would be accomplished with additional funding.

EOV CL Comment (2): There are questions the terminal groin at the East Little Creek Inlet may have influenced the cost / benefit analysis (damages occurring / prevented) results and extended the renourishment schedule to 9 years (2026).

EOV CL Comment (3): It would be in the best interest of EOV to contact our Federal and State representatives regarding the accelerated erosion rates, and that funding is urgently needed to preserve the beach and dune system to protect life and property.

2) Will the City restore the sand fencing and dune grasses lost with the 14,000 cy project?

Norfolk City Response: The City anticipates that the 14,000 CY of material from the HRBT will be placed before the end of the planting season for American Beach Grass (ABG) which is in early Spring, and plans to re-plant ABG in areas disturbed by the nourishment and re-erect sand fencing to protect the grasses and facilitate dune growth.

3) What is the cost of the 14,000 CY replenishment project, and how will the cost be paid?

Norfolk City Response: The cost of excavating, hauling, and stockpiling the material at 21st Bay St will be borne by the HRBT contractors. The City will pay for transporting the sand to placement areas, and grading the sand to the planned and permitted elevations. The City cost is currently estimated at $200,000.

EOV CL Comment: The distribution of the sand will generate a 3.5 ft elevation change and will be distributed in the worst areas of erosion at the easternmost areas of Ocean View Beach. The replenishment effort is estimated to be completed between October and December 2023. The CIty is waiting on the HRBT to complete the remaining permitting requirements.

4) Do the beach entrance ramps in East Beach and Bay Breeze Point need to be closed during high tide to prevent damage to the dunes from the public, or should access be limited on days with high winds (>10 mph)?

Norfolk City Response: Access to the beach does not really need to be curtailed during high tides or on high wind days, but the City will continue to look at ways to limit access to dune areas either by fencing or enforcement.

5) Will the replenishment at the eastern end of Ocean View Beach be sufficient to repair and retain dune integrity until 2026?

Norfolk City Response: Replenishment with the 14,000 CY of material will provide a good degree of protection against additional dune erosion, but it may not provide protection until the next federal replenishment.

EOV CL Comment: The City stated they are also looking for alternative local sources of sand to compensate for the continued erosion until the federal renourishment effort can be completed. The City is looking into many different sources of sand, such as removing sand from Central Ocean View Beach areas that have had little erosion since 2017 and from the dredging operations from the Little Creek inlet.

6) What other intermediate measures can be done to stabilize the dunes and limit further erosion?

Norfolk City Response: The City is continuing to look at ways to limit access to dune areas, to replant dune areas, and to install fencing to limit dune erosion.

7) What will the next full beach restoration cost, and how will these costs be allocated between the City, State and Federal Government?

USACE Response: Based on previous costs for renourishment and a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate for the next full renourishment, the cost could be in the $25M to $30M range. The project agreement assigns the cost shares as approximately 70% federal and 30% City. For a $30M project the costs would be approximately $21M federal and $9M City.

EOV CL Comment: Norfolk City budget had a yearly funding line of $3M for beach maintenance that has not been funded for several years.

8) In the request to the USACE, did the City specify an earlier date or just request the effort be accelerated? What are the obstacles to obtaining an earlier full restoration?

USACE Response: The CIty has made us aware of the need for an earlier renourishment. The main obstacle is the lack of funding to work on the problem. Once funds are received, time and effort will be required to update environmental clearances and permits, investigate remaining sand sources in the available burrow areas, design, and execute the project.

9) What are the details in terms of responsibility and costs regarding the beach area from the inlet jetty to a point one mile west?

● USACE Response: The easternmost one mile is considered part of the 7-mile Willoughby Spit and Vicinity Hurricane Storm Damage Reduction Project. The responsibility in East Beach is the same as for the Project as a whole. Without funding, USACE has not made any detailed estimates of cost specific to this project.

10) What other measures (best practices) should the City/East Beach/Bay Breeze Point employ during expected storms (trash cans, beach entrances, other?)

Norfolk City Response: Public Works will continue to remove trash cans from the beach in anticipation of storms. Residents can continue to alert the City to damaged and destroyed fencing and signage.

11) When will the 2023 Spring topographic beach survey be put on the City's web site?

Norfolk City Response: The Spring 2023 beach survey is posted: -Surveying-Evaluation

12) Will the catamarans be removed from the dunes from 24th Bay St the Little Creek inlet in order to protect the dunes from damage?

Norfolk CIty Response: Parks and Recreation is continuing to develop a permitting program to regulate catamarans stored on the beach and in dune areas.

EOV CL Comment: The Park Ranger updated the CMRB with this additional information. Permits would be limited to Norfolk residents. Up to 50 permits (one per resident) could be issued for mooring locations along Ocean View Beach. The mooring locations will not be beach access points and off the dune grasses. Each permit request location will be assessed for suitability. Permits would not be issued for areas with significant beach erosion.

13) NEW QUESTION: There is a concern that the next full beach replenishment and the fencing effort to keep the sand from accumulating on the slip face of the dunes will decrease the area between the beach and the rocks. Will the purpose of the rocks be diminished as the windward side grows and the beach narrows?

Norfolk City Response: The offshore breakwaters [rocks] will continue to reduce wave energy impacts to the beach after the next full replenishment. Sand fencing will continue to be placed so as to maintain the integrity of the dune line, and to maximize beach area available to visitors.

Bill Keplesky

East Ocean View Civic League, Board of Directors

Coastal Management Review Board Member

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