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Issue: We have all noticed the diminished size of our precious beaches this summer. The beaches in Bay Breeze Point and East Beach areas have receded over 40 ft in the last three years. In late August and September, just two NE storms created excessive and unexpected beach and dune erosion along this area. At high tide there is no longer a usable beach.

Time is of the essence, with each passing storm the dunes erode 5-8 feet. The picture above shows the loss of 5-8 feet of dunes from TS Ophelia. Several meetings have been held with the City, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), EOV Civic League and the Coastal Management Review Board on this issue. At these meeting we learned that the City's and USACE's long term planning has scheduled a complete beach renourishment in 2026, cost were estimated to be around $25M.

Clearly, the recent accelerated loss of beach, dunes and related eco-system requires that the 2026 work be advanced into 2024, otherwise we may lose 30-45 feet of the primary dunes. Unfortunately, the USACE will not start any work, like studies, engineering or locating sand sources, until funding is approved.

Action: This petition requests that Congressman Bobby Scott, Senator Kaine and Senator Warner take immediate action to:1) to accelerate the 2026 funding into 2024 and to 2) instruct the USACE to expedite the necessary work and complete it in 2024.

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