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Bring Community Learning Centers to Norfolk

New Virginia Majority, along with organizational partners Norfolk GAINS, Freedom Virginia, The Concerned Citizen Association, GEAR Recovery, The Norfolk Branch NAACP (#7098) and the Norfolk Federation of Teachers, are proposing a groundbreaking initiative for Norfolk Public Schools. The plan is to convince Norfolk Public Schools to introduce the Sustainable Community School Model at three public schools as a pilot program in the next school year. This transformative approach will turn these schools into community learning centers, aiming to enhance both the schools and the neighborhoods they serve.We call on the East Ocean View Civic League to join us in this effort. Community learning centers are a bold approach to education, offering comprehensive support for students and their families. These centers extend their services beyond the traditional school hours, providing services like after-school workshops, healthcare, and more. The goal is to address the holistic needs of students and their families, creating a more nurturing and supportive environment. The Sustainable Community School Model is a fact-based approach that strengthens the link between public schools and communities through partnerships with local entities. As NPS begins planning for next year's budget, advocating for three community learning centers now is crucial. To ensure a transformation of our schools, community support for allocating funds for three community school coordinator positions is essential. We must act now to have an impact on the Norfolk school division's upcoming budget recommendation and voice our support for this initiative.

A joint letter of support has been prepared, and representatives from all signatory organizations will present it to the Norfolk School Board and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sharon Byrdsong during the Norfolk School Board business meeting on December 13th. This meeting represents the only opportunity for public comments on the FY2024 budget recommendation before it is made public next year. In the lead-up to this budget hearing, efforts are being made to build a coalition of parents, students, businesses, community members, and organizations to emphasize the importance of this approach. Read here for more information about community learning centers and be sure to join us at our next parent meeting on Saturday, November 18 from 10am at Jordan- Newby Library. This strategy could be a pivotal step toward a future where every child in Norfolk has access to the resources they need to succeed. We hope that the East Ocean View Civic League will stand with us as a signatory of the support letter and become a part of the initiative to create stronger, more supportive schools and communities in Norfolk In Solidarity, Carl Poole

Norfolk Campaign Coordinator New Virginia Majority (757) 550 1975

Community Schools as an Effective School Improvement Strategy_ A Review of the Evidence_
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Community Schools_ An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement_
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