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3201 Pretty Lake Ave - STR App

On June 23, 2022, a couple members of the board met with applicants for a short-term rental at 3201 Pretty Lake Avenue. This home is currently under construction, and the applicants, Dale & Cindi Johnson, are applying for their conditional use permit. They currently reside in Houston, TX, but they come to visit throughout the year as Dale was raised here and still has family in the area. They are opting for a short-term rental rather than long term so they have the flexibility to block out times for themselves when they visit. They have hired a professional STR management company to run their property.

Members: If you have any comments, whether in the positive or negative, regarding this specific application, please respond below.

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I would vote to approve the application but would also hope some of the neighbors weigh in--Y or N. I drove by the property today and, yes, it's brand new and nearing completion. Clearly purchased as an STR if they're not going to live there permanently. It'd be interesting to know if any of the other 4-5 houses also under construction all in a row there will be STRs. It's also better to see "just" the one and not an entire complex as many now in (E)OV have complained about on Facebook--especially those who've been pushed out by landlords converting an apartment into an STR for greater profit. John Greene

Jul 07, 2022
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Jul 04, 2022

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